Boys Rule, Girls Drool!

Friday, June 16, 2006

Disney Cruise

Here are a few cool pictures of the ship (Donald is hanging off the front). Aiden also had a big graduation celebration on the last day from the Kids Club.

Disney Cruise

On May 21st to the 25th we went on the Disney Cruise. It was the Highlight of the trip. The boys loved seeing all of the characters and being able to go to the beach and swim. They had a "party" every night it seemed, and at the "Pirates in the Caribbean" party they even shot off fireworks!

Disney World

Here are a few pictures of Disney World. We left on May 14th and stayed at Disney World until the 21st when we got on the cruise. We had so much fun with Aiden and Isaac. It was so great to see them have so much fun! Aiden's favorites were the Power Rangers (we had to see them twice!). We got Aiden to go on all of the rides that he could go on (he is only 42 "). We told him that if he would keep his eyes open and scream, it wouldn't be so scary. Once he did that, he had a blast! Isaac loved everything! They both loved being in the water whether is was in the pool or in the areas that the water would spray on the kids!