Boys Rule, Girls Drool!

Monday, August 27, 2007

6 1/2 weeks old!


Me and My Li'l Bro

Ethan looks a lot like Aiden did as an infant...except for the complexion. Aiden is so proud of his baby Ethan!

Help! We've Created a Monster!

Here are some pictures of Ethan up next to his baby cousin, Madison. Madi is 2 weeks old, and Ethan is 5 weeks old.


Big Brothers

If we were worried about how Aiden and Isaac would interact with Ethan, we aren't least for now. They both love him! Sometimes too much!

My Girl

Our friends, the Lewis', were out visiting...had to get pictures of Aiden and Coralee together. Maybe someday...

My Three Sons!

I love this picture! It may be a long time until I see all of my boys in CLEAN white shirts again! Ethan was blessed on August 5th.

Just Waiting Around

Aiden, Ethan, their cousin Mikey, and my brother Larry waiting in the waiting room while I am visiting Lori and Madison...the newest addition to the family! She was born exactly 3 weeks after Ethan!...Well, about 4 hours short of 3 weeks!

That's "Mr Thumbsucker" to You!

Ethan cracks me up! He loves to suck his thumb, but only if he can "catch" it in his mouth as his arms flail around!

Super Hero!

Aiden and Isaac love to play dress up! Isaac ran around with the mask up, because it scared him too bad to put it over his eyes!


It has been forever since I last updated this... Matt is the one that has kept you posted for the last few months. My life is starting to get a little more normalized! You always hear about the third child being the one to make your life spin out of control...I think there is some truth in that! Here are some pictures of Aiden, Isaac, Ethan and my mom! My nieces Dani and Alex were here from Illinois and even got a chance to meet their cousins! The last time we had a chance to see them was when Aiden was about 1 1/2!

What Am I?

Can you guess what this is? I bet it will bring back a lot of memories!
Three crazy boys doing the light stick dance!