Boys Rule, Girls Drool!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Cabin Fun

Over the Labor Day Weekend we went to Matt's parents cabin with his cousin Theresa and her family. We always have great time relaxing, going on bike rides, hikes and making smores. Another tradition at the cabin is for the young kids to get a cabin bath, which means just in the kitchen sink with a picture taken.

Contest Winner

Matt submitted this picture of Ethan during the 4th of July to a photo contest and it won first prize. Ethan is playing in the founain that is in front of the movie theatres where we watch the fireworks in downtown Sparks.

Ethan Turns 1

A Year of Firsts

This year we have had a year of firsts, Aiden learned how to ride a bike without training wheels, Isaac learned how to ride a bike and Ethan learned how to walk. Aiden and Isaac started swim lessons, Aiden has his first day of kindergarten and Isaac started Pre-School. We are a mobile family now, though sometimes we wish that Ethan was a little less mobile!