Boys Rule, Girls Drool!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

6 Flags and Thomas Town

Aiden and Isaac are Thomas the Train fans, ESPECIALLY Isaac, so we thought it would be fun to go 6 Flags too, because they just put in Thomas Town. They had a blast! Isaac wasn't too sure about most of the rides, but he absolutley loved the Thomas the Train ride. He wouldn't go on Harold or Bertie, though. Aiden went on all of the Thomas rides, and some others and had a blast. Aiden especially liked the dolphin and killer whale shows. Ethan was such a trooper! He slept most of the time, and got to go on a few rides. The bad part was that it was SO HOT!!! AT one point, Matt grabbed one of Ethan's diapers (clean!) and mopped his dripping head and neck!

Fun at the Cabin

We spent a few days at Matt's parents cabin over the Labor Day weekend. We were there with Matt's cousin, Theresa, and her family. We all had a great time hanging out and spending time together. The kids and dads had a great time seeing who could throw the rocks the farthest in the river.

Lake Tahoe

For Labor Day weekend we decided to spend a few days away. On the way to Matt's parents cabin we stopped by Lake Tahoe. It was really chilly there so we didn't stay long, but Aiden and Isaac had fun playing in the sand for a while. Ethan just slept in his sling.