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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Prince Rupert, BC


The fourth and final spot on our Alaskan Cruise was in Prince Rupert, British Columbia, Canada. We started our day with a walk around the town of Prince Rupert to see the totem poles and the sunken gardens. In Prince Rupert we saw a lot of Bald Eagles. After that we went on a canoe ride across the channel and went on a hike through a temperate rain forest that used to be an ancient native village. Our guide through the village was a native tribesman! After the hike, we had a crab feast. Kent, our brother-in-law, and Matt were the only two that ate the crab. Larry tried but only lasted for one bite. He compared cracking a crab leg open to get to the meat to having to de-feather a chicken to get to the meat. YUCK!!!

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The Kahumokus said...

Alaska is such a beautiful place. I'll have to show these pictures to Will, he'll LOVE them!