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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Sumdum Glacier

Our third stop on our Alaskan Cruise was to Sumdum Glacier in the Hobart Bay, Tracy Arm Fjord. We were originally supposed to go to Sawyer Glacier that was in Tracy Arm Fjord, but due to heavy ice conditions, the ship was not allowed in there. This, in turn, worked out great for us because, according to the ship’s cruise director, we got closer to the glacier then any other cruise ship our size has ever been. The most impressive thing was that whenever the ice would move you could hear it cracking, and it sounded like someone was setting off dynamite up the canyon! On the way out from the glacier we saw seals all over the place. There were hundreds just lounging on all of the ice that was floating in the water.

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Tyler the Coolio said...

I saw a video on Jalysa' cellphone on this. I could here Aaron's voice in the background. It was so funny! "Rejected! Good thing that thing doesnt have a heart or a soul, it would be crushed!" "Oh look, there's Jalysa, tryin' to be a film maker!"